Although they say that “an image is worth a thousand words” in the Internet world, this has long ceased to be so. On Instagram, for example, as important as the photo you upload is the phrase that you add in the description, and of course, the hashtags. You can have a great photo, but if you do not accompany it with good hashtags, chances are that its scope and impact will be greatly reduced.

To solve this, there are several apps that will help us choose the best hashtags for Instagram. Applications that show us the most popular tags related to a certain word or image. Something that can come in handy if you are not very imaginative when it comes to thinking of good descriptive terms and trends that help us reach the maximum number of people possible.

The 4 best Instagram hashtag apps available for Android. (the best hashtag discovery tool for web is hashtagfox)

Instagram allows you to include up to 20 hashtags per image. However, when posting on our Instagram profile, experts recommend 11 hashtags maximum. This is so because if you put too many hashtags, you run the risk that the platform considers our publication as possible spam, and limits its reach very much. Those are the most interesting applications to find the best hashtags:

  1. Leetags

Personally it is my favorite app. The application is very simple: it has a search engine where you enter a main keyword. Then, you click on search and the app, itself is in charge of generating related hashtags automatically.

The hashtags that you will see will be ordered by popularity, and you can configure the application to show us up to a maximum of 30 suggested words. From here, you can select the hashtags that you want to use, click on the “COPY” button and they will be saved to the clipboard. Then you open Instagram and you just have to paste the content you just copied.

In addition to this, you can also save our most used hashtags to favorites, and if you are interested in moving to the premium version.

  1. AutoHash

This interesting hashtag app for Instagram has a rather curious feature. Instead of entering a keyword and showing suggestions, what it does is generate hashtags from an image.

AutoHash uses an object and person recognition algorithm to find out what is shown in the photo. Once it has detected, let’s say, a piece of cake, it searches in the food category and shows the most relevant hashtags ((#foodie, #food # ñamñam, #foodporn etc.).

Now it is also capable of creating hashtags from our geo location (very useful if you have an account with travel photos) and save the most used hashtags in favorites. On a personal level I have used it a few times and depending on the image it gives more or less correct results. In any case, a different application worth trying.

  1. Top Tags

Instead of entering a term or an image and having the app generate a lot of related words, Top Tags offers a different method of selecting hashtags. You select a category. Later, a new block with subcategories will appear.

Suppose I am going to upload a photo on my Instagram about my last travel. In such a case, I would go to the “travel” category and enter the “Spain” subcategory to select the best hashtags that match what I want to post in that photo. 

  1. Hashme

You could say that this hashtag tool for Instagram is a mixture of the previous 3. On the one hand, you can upload an image to generate suggested hashtags, but you can also enter words. It has an interesting point, and that is that the most popular # are marked with a badge. Once you have selected the hashtags that you want to use (underlined in orange), you just have to click on the “COPY” button to copy them to the clipboard and paste them on Instagram.

Smart Image Finder is a bit like AutoHash’s. Sometimes it works better or it slips completely, depending on the type of photo you upload to analyze.

In any case, it is worth noting the elegant interface of the application. Much more modern and attractive than most of its competitors.

Finally, all these applications are free and fully functional, but they have integrated ads (something inevitable unless you move to the corresponding paid version).