Hashtags on Instagram are essential to gain likes, comments and therefore gain followers on Instagram. You have to have a hashtag strategy and more with the Instagram algorithm change. In this post we are going to define how to learn to use hashtags on Instagram correctly. How many hashtags on Instagram do you have to put on Instagram? Where do I put the hashtags? Is it better in the title or in the comment?

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or a set of words that are followed by the # (pound sign). Hashtags are used to label content by categories, group it by similar content.

Thus, if I tag a post on Instagram with #Zaragoza, it means that under that keyword tag they group content, photography and videos, related to Zaragoza. Of course, hashtags can be used unrelated to content, but that’s not a good hashtag strategy on Instagram.

If you go to Instagram and click on #Zaragoza, you will see those publications tagged with that hashtags, and the number of posts in which that tag has been used.

How many hashtags on Instagram to use?

Before, at the beginning of Instagram, with the chronological order of the publications, it was easier to maintain the visibility of your account. There were accounts that used few, and many others, knowing that the maximum number of hashtags on Instagram is 30, and this has not changed.

With the end of the chronological order of the publications, in 2016, Instagram begins to show them in the same way that Facebook does now. The main reason is the introduction of advertising, which is better integrated into the feed of each user when it is Instagram who selects the publications you see.

Number of hashtags to use on Instagram

Well, about the number of hashtags to use on Instagram, and that algorithm change in 2016, the drop in reach and interactions begins. Each post we publish on Instagram is seen by 10% of the followers. This barrier is broken if the post performs better than the average, and has more interactions (likes and comments), which allows you to improve your engagement and gain followers more quickly.

Thus, many Instagram accounts, among which I include myself, always began to use 30 hashtags per post, and by editing the title later, you could up to 60. Since 2018 and especially these months of 2019, Instagram is making changes, further lowering the reach and interactions. And many have wondered: how many hashtags on Instagram do I use now? Is there a magic formula?

There is not, of course, but all accounts would work great and Instagram would not cause the need to invest and spend more on Instagram Ads (ads on Instagram). In short, as things stand now, there is nothing to indicate that using less than 30 hashtags improves your reach on Instagram. On other accounts, and even on mine, I use 30 many times and they have good interaction. What is relevant is good content, and if you also choose the hashtags well, then the better