You must already be aware that in social networks the question is to innovate or die. Hence, reviewing our strategies, objectives and metrics is part of the routine of any respected marketer. This time we will focus on your strategies for the use of hashtags on Instagram. How long have you not renewed them?

Keep in mind that about 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. In this sea of ​​images and content, how do you stand out?

  1. Creativity

As Instagram expert Alex Tooby points out, it’s important to change hashtags with each post to avoid spam. Don’t go easy. Avoid common hashtags like #food, #fashion, and #trend. 

Use those that describe your product (#food for babies), its characteristics (# organic food for babies, # food for babies), your ideal client (#paternity, #responsible parenting #organic parenting) or a special campaign. Look for those hashtags that most represent you in the communities you target as parents or followers of a healthy lifestyle, for example.

Keep an eye on the influencers in your industry, the leading brands in your industry, the competition, and what kind of hashtags they use for their most popular posts. 

  1. Analysis

We said it at the beginning, analysis is essential for your strategy in social networks. Thanks to Hashtag Fox, you will be able to know how each post and their respective hashtags work or “behave”, if they are useful to achieve your objectives (engagement, conversions, purchases, etc.) or how your audience reached them.

It doesn’t hurt to follow your own hashtags to know who is talking about you and thus strengthen your brand engagement. Consider that top posts get this position in the first 24 hours. Strive to strengthen your engagement in this period of time so that you can appear in the first search positions. Find out when your audience is most active and when it responds best to your posts. Don’t post randomly.

  1. Without excesses

Although Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, this is not a rule to follow blindly. Ideally, use those that work best for you. Remember that sometimes “less is more” can apply to your brand, especially if it is unique hashtags created for a specific campaign or product. Segmentation is the key. A hashtag as broad as #fashion will not attract the same consumer as a more specific one like #ecological fashion or #conscientious fashion, for example.

So if you want to follow these tips to position yourself as number 1 in this social network, you will need an Instagram hashtag generator

What is the Instagram hashtag generator?

With the Instagram hashtag generator, you can find hundreds of relevant hashtags for any keyword in seconds. Easily copy and export hashtags results to paste into your Instagram posts.

How does Instagram hashtag generator work?

You just have to enter a search term and hit the query button. Hashtag Fox will do its magic to find hundreds of hashtags with their associated post volume for the keyword you have entered.

Once you have the results page, you will see a complete list of hashtags related to the keyword you entered with the number of posts. Also, for both mobile and desktop you can click the “Copy Hashtag” button to paste them immediately into your Instagram app. There are also other additional buttons to download the table in excel, csv, pdf or print version.

So if you want to use this valuable tool, you just have to go to the Hashtag Fox page, the best Instagram hashtag generator.