By definition, the best hashtags on Instagram are the most used hashtags. #love, for example, was used on 1.2 billion posts. This presents a problem if you expect the use of hashtags to highlight your posts.

You need to have a balance between the desire to use best hashtags on Instagram and the danger of being crowded out by high-demand topics. In many ways, this is similar to SEO when you are trying to search for keywords in the Google search engine. Many people would be better off trying to classify the long line of terms, such as “men’s fashion in New York,” which they will do with a broad word like “fashion.”

If you are doing an Instagram post about love, you should include #love as one of the 30 allowed hashtags. But you should probably focus on using best hashtags on Instagram related to smaller but equally important followers, such as, #wonderful, #adorable, #hug, #lover, or even #loveisintheair.

Some of the best hashtags on Instagram symbolize a particular type of post, and may be specifically targeting your photos being considered #photooftheday, #instadaily, or #picoftheday. And of course it makes sense to use #repost if you are effectively reposting an image.

By the way, if you’re wondering what the hashtag #tbt means, its Throwback Thursday (“Thursday to go back to the past”). Now it is common for people to share their photos from the past as #TBT posts.

You should reserve the hashtag #instagood for your best photos. This indicates to other Instagramers that you are particularly comfortable with that photo.

Where to use best hashtags on Instagram

Instagram has updated its STORY feature to now include hashtags. This means that you can write a hashtag about your STORY photo or video and it can be discovered by the following hashtag and not just by your audience.

Instagram’s STORY feature is something you should be embracing by now, they always appear at the top of the home page, get lots of views, and give your current audience regular updates (the easiest way to grow is to serve your existing followers and add them).

The best part now is that you can use them for a dual purpose: to provide your followers with interesting, entertaining and quality daily updates, while also reaching new users with a hashtag.

Best hashtags on Instagram can and should also be used in your bio. Bio is the short text that appears below your profile name. Instagram allows 150 characters, and it is important that you use them all. Create a snappy bio that summarizes exactly who you are and why you exist.

The best Instagram hashtags

Here is the list with the ranking of the 15 most used hashtags on Instagram, ordered from highest to lowest. They are the ones with the highest number of publications.

  • #Love 
  • #Instagood 
  • #Picoftheday 
  • #Wonderful.
  • #Happiness
  • #Art 
  • #Photooftheday 
  • #Fashion
  • #tbt (through back Thursday) 
  • #cute: 
  • # Like4like.
  • #me 
  • #Instalike 
  • #Smile 
  • #Photo: