Although they are basically labels, they are very useful to improve your social media marketing strategy. If you use them in a coherent and strategic way, you will see the reach of your publications increase, you will attract new audiences to your profile, you will create a greater commitment and you will increase the recognition of your brand.

Searches on Instagram can be done by hashtags and can now also be followed directly as if it were a profile. If you label your product or service publication well, it will be much more visible and have a greater impact. If Instagram allows you to post up to 30 hashtags, then there is no reason why you can’t.

‘The million dollar question’: What is the correct number of hashtags for each post?

On Instagram you have the option of using up to 30, but each publication is different, do not publish few because of laziness or because you do not know which ones to publish. Also don’t post 30 just for reaching that number of hashtags, as they probably won’t be consistent or related to your post.

Both in iOS and Android, you have tools that help you with this task. I show you some of them that will be very useful:

There are SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, Serpstat or Key Collector that can help you in the task of finding words that users are already searching for in Google, which will help you to use them as hashtags.

Personally, I prefer to use Serpstat to find relevant keywords for a particular topic, when using it you will see that it presents you with a list of all the words related to a topic. But you can try the rest of the ones I recommend for yourself.

When publishing, how do you know which hashtags are appropriate?

  Start by analyzing your competition, research the hashtags they use, find the topics of interest, the ones that are having more relevance. Create several lists and go modifying them according to the content you publish.

Now you can also use hashtags in featured stories. When the user searches for hashtags they will find you even if they are not part of your audience. The stories have a large number of visits, take advantage and add links to your website, marketing campaign or raffle and make them part of your strategy, so your followers will have interesting, entertaining daily updates and at the same time, you will reach new users with your hashtag; in this way, you will generate interaction while showing the product.

Hashtag strategy.

  It is important that you combine the different types of hashtags and that they are always relevant to your audience. Do not leave the hashtags to chance, dedicate time to them, since they have a very important role in your posts and will make your profile stand out above those who have not worked on their keyword list.

On the pace of publication.

  To be successful on Instagram, you must post content on a regular basis. As you post, experiment to find your optimal post count with different hashtags. Do not copy and paste the hashtags from one publication to another, you have to spend time searching for keywords that attract the attention of your target audience, better add a combination of the hashtags that better communication bring to your target audience. This way you will reach more people.

If you decide to put a hashtag in your bio (you only have 150 characters), I recommend that it be the brand and / or the campaign at that time. You can remove or change it as it suits you but do not abuse them in this space that is to define yourself as a personal brand or company in a summarized and concrete way.

Always keep in mind that your publications must add value and have an attractive image that captures the user that interests you most, so choosing relevant hashtags will help you position your posts, generate traffic and at the same time appear in your searches. products and services.