try the future of hashtag generation:

Every day, on any social network, millions of messages are generated about (almost) anything. It is impossible to read everything! So how do you find out what’s new on a specific topic? We do it via hashtag. Today we are going to see what a hashtag is.

You see them continuously on the internet, and surely you have used one. A hashtag is a word or phrase (without spaces) that is preceded by the pound sign.

What is a hashtag used for?

This serves as a label to indicate to the search engines what you are talking about, and so that other users can quickly locate the messages related to that specific topic. Also so that you can follow the conversation as you add messages.

Hashtags started on Twitter, but today they are already popular on almost any social network, especially on Instagram, which is the most popular social network.


  • Content hashtags are relevant keywords with which you can classify your content and make it more visible. In the long term it generates traffic to your website.
  • Brand hashtags, tags related to your business that you should use on your other social networks, as they contribute to promoting your brand. Create a short and easy to remember slogan. For example, Nike created the brand motto ‘#JustDoIt’. It is important to know that they do not have an immediate scope, since you create it from scratch.
  • Campaign hashtags are those that when launching a new contest or giveaway, help you involve people so that they can participate and comment. They are very efficient in attracting new potential clients.
  • Popular “trending” hashtags are far reaching, which means your chances of reaching someone new are reduced but they attract users interested in that topic. Some examples are: #instadaily, #fun, #photooftheday and others like that.
  • Less frequent but also popular hashtags to make your post more visible. They have less reach and reach more specific communities. Its real scope is much greater.