Hashtags are monitoring tools present on various social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which allow us to know the impact of the content that we propose on these platforms. Use hashtagfox.com to gain supreme knowledge on performing hashtags.

Using the hashtag on Instagram has its advantages and disadvantages. As we have mentioned in previous sections, the hashtag describes a specific topic whose axis will bring together all the people who talk about the same topic on social networks. However, we can see excessive use of the hashtag on Instagram in some publications and we need to clarify how to use the hashtag.


  • It helps a correct writing since it is necessary to have a correct writing of the language with which you use the hashtag on Instagram, since what you write will be seen by thousands of people.
  • By using the hashtag on Instagram appropriately you can report the message more directly. Use topics of the moment so that everyone knows your point of view.
  • It is possible that you connect with people interested in your same subject.
  • 95% of people are surprised to see a hashtag in messages and only 15% continue the conversation until it becomes a trend.
  • You can be part of a global trend by following a hashtag on Instagram that everyone talks about. 
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  • The excessive use of the hashtag on Instagram does not allow to properly determine the message you write.
  • Too many hashtag on Instagram reduces understanding of your ideas.
  • A post with too many hashtags on Instagram is less attractive. 90% of people skip reading messages with too many hashtags on Instagram.
  • Not all words can use a hashtag on Instagram. In general, we use it without understanding the mistake that is made.
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