Grow from 0 to 100k in organic reach for pennies a month with

With these rules:

  1. Analyze and search. 

You have to know all the Tags with which your brand is related and select the ones that suit your company and are useful. Look at the Hashtags that your audience and your competition use in their content and get ideas. 

Click on the Tags that attract your attention and verify that they are active and followed. Use tools that help you measure the popularity of a hashtag to be able to identify # of quality and high visibility to grow and gain new followers. A useful tool that you can try is HashtagFox.

  1. Create your Hashtag. 

No one prevents you from creating your branded hashtag, that is, a Tag of yours that can be the name of your brand, for example #WindupSchool or an aspect or philosophy of company for what you would like to differentiate yourself and be recognized: #Learning. 

A brand tag helps you to be recognizable and stand out. Sharing a company hashtag will make it easier for your customers to find you on Instagram: when a user searches for a brand on this social network, the content created and disseminated by other users will almost always be the first to appear. If your audience, when they buy or use something from your company, upload a photo and put your personal # in their post, the game is already done.

  1. Update yourself. 

Change the Hashtags you are using, to have a better chance of reaching more audiences. You have to see the Hashtags as keywords: use those that represent what is in the photo, select those that have a relationship with what you have published. Is each photo different? Well, the Tags too. 

How to organize yourself? Create a publication calendar, define day, time, format, copy, objective and the Hashtags that you are going to use. Having a clear objective, copy and what to publish will be easier to distribute the different hashtags and be clear about which ones to continue using and which ones should be changed according to your content.

  1. The position of the Hashtags. 

Let’s see how to put a hashtag on Instagram: type the symbol #, add the word, the number or whatever you have decided and you already have it. Where to put it? You have to put it below the main content. Leave a line between your main message and your Tags. That is more visual and then allows your user to clearly read both the copy and the hashtags.

  1. Create your Instagram Hashtags list. 

Choose from those your audience is looking for. We are a school, to understand what are the tags that represent you on Instagram, an idea may be to put in the search engine “school” and see what comes out. Also see who follows your profile and put yourself in their posts, what Hashtags do them use? What do they identify with? Get ideas out of here and give it a go.

  1. How not to use hashtags on Instagram: be careful with SPAM. 

We have already discussed it, vary the hashtags you use because if you copy and paste the same Instagram always detects it and can catalog them as SPAM. Will it affect you? YES, the visibility of your content will be reduced. Bad idea friend.

  1. Stories. 

Once all this search and measurement work is done, don’t throw it away, remember to use the hashtags in your stories too. Why? As I have already commented if a user searches for a hashtag that you have used, the story in which you used it also appears. The Hashtag will be shown at the top of the screen and from there you can start following the #, as if it were a person’s profile.

  1. Once you have your list 

Once you have your list with all the little things counted so far, choose what most defines what you do and sell, what is most related to your brand, the king of your hashtags. Done? Put it in the Bio of your profile. 

How to create a Hashtag in the Instagram biography? Just like you do in posts: you add the # symbol in front of the word and that will become a clickable Hashtag. This simple detail allows you to generate brand awareness and allows you to better identify yourself when your user enters your profile for the first time. 

When in the profile we see # related to marketing and digital and we see that they are also in the Bio, it is easier to intuit that the page in question deals with this world.