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Instagram imposes a series of limitations on users, set out in its Terms of Use, those that are signed – without being read in most cases – by everyone who opens a new account on the social network. Not knowing these limits does not exempt the user from suffering the consequences if they exceed them. Sometimes you can lose the published content, but other times you can even see how your account is closed because you are considered a spammer.

Thus, so that Instagram does not consider the use we make of our account inappropriate, and we can use it without any surprise, it is convenient to know what are the updated limits of the social network of photographs owned by Facebook in relation to their hashtags, both in the post as in the comments

In each publication that is uploaded to Instagram, it is recommended to include some hashtags, so that users can more easily find that content that may be relevant to them. There is a myth – debunked by Instagram – that posting many hashtags goes against the positioning of photography or video.

However, what is relevant and must be taken into account is that the publication can have a maximum of 30 hashtags. If any more is found, when publishing it, the image will appear alone, without text -photo caption- or any hashtag, since all will be deleted. Also note where it is best to post hashtags on Instagram, there are also different theories about that.

However, there are many ways to exceed this limit, one way to do it is to place your 30 hashtag in the post and add more hashtag in your comments. But you must put your hashtags in the first comments as soon as you have published your content. When you post your content to Instagram, the Instagram engine starts parsing your posts for hashtags, visual content, etc. 

Therefore, in order for your posts to be much better analyzed, you should add your hashtags as soon as possible. If there are too many please write them before and just paste them in the first comment.

In the subtitle, you have a limit of 30 hashtags. Also, in Comments, you have a limitation of 20. However, you can add as many comments as you like. That way, you can add more hashtags to your posts. Please note that based on our experience it is not healthy to add more than 20 hashtags for a single post. So keep your hashtags below that number.