On Instagram, it’s all about hashtags. The fact is that if you don’t put hashtags on your posts, they will be visible to far fewer people. A hashtag is a tool to help other people find your content. A correct hashtag can help your images reach more and more audience. In this article, we will show you why and how many you need to put Instagram hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram: What, why and where?

Hashtag allows users to save a lot of time instead of not searching for anything. Instagram´s users create and use hashtags by placing the number sign # generally in front of a word or phrase in a message. While searching for a hashtag, the results will be displayed on a page with multiple posts. Each post has had your hashtag searched for it.

Just like on Twitter or any other social media platform, Instagram hashtags work by organizing and classifying photos and video content. Every post you create can be accompanied by an Instagram caption and a few hashtags (up to 30), and these hashtags help other users find your post.

If your account is public and you add a hashtag to your post, the post will be displayed on the hashtag page. Currently, there is a limit of 30 hashtags on a single post.

Hashtags are commonly put in the title of a photo. However, some people tend to put Instagram hashtags in the comments. Putting hashtags in comments instead of captions makes your post look better! Because your title can say many things about your photo or it can do much more than fill it with hashtags. In fact, there is no difference in the hashtag’s search results, if you put the hashtags in the Comments section.