Traditionally Instagram did not allow you to add anything to your bio other than text, but that has changed. Today we will see how you can add links to accounts and hashtags in your Instagram bio, a new feature that is now available to everyone.

This year Facebook has put the turbo on Instagram. Just yesterday Instagram Shopping was activated, the possibility of republishing photos in your story and it is rumored that it will soon support video calls. In the same line is the change of mind: after many years preventing it, now Instagram lets you add accounts and hashtags in your biography.

How to add links to accounts and hashtags in your bio

Adding links and hashtags to your Instagram biography does not differ much from changing your biography and it is certainly not a secret: Instagram itself notifies you of news through a snack. First, click Edit Profile in your account.

Next, you will be shown the form to edit various aspects of your profile and once again you will be shown a speech bubble indicating the news: now you can link to an account or hashtags. Tap on your bio to open it in full screen for you to edit.

To link to an account from your bio, type an @ and then start typing the name of the account you want to link to. Below is a list of results with accounts with a similar name. You can tap an account to add it directly, or type the username of that account exactly.

To add hashtags to your bio, the processing is basically the same. Write the hashtag including the # symbol and it shows you just below hashtag suggestions based on the number of posts that use it and the relationship with what you have written. Tap on one of the results, or type in the hashtag you want manually.

You can add as many links to accounts and hashtags as you like, but you are still limited by the maximum 150 characters in the bio. When you’re done, press the button to accept the changes.

Be careful because the new biography is not saved yet. You must press the save button again, now in the profile editing window, for the changes to be saved. From then on, other people will be able to tap on the accounts and hashtags you’ve linked to go directly to them.