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When creating a hashtag to promote an event or contest or create a personal brand, there are several factors to consider that will help you improve the efficiency of the hashtag created, regardless of the purpose or purpose for which you created it. If you want to have a successful hashtag you have to check that it follows these guidelines:

  • Create a custom hashtag: Create a hashtag that has not been mixed with other topics and be the first creator of that keyword, it will help people to interact with it and see all the conversations that have to do with said hashtag. Here it is important to have an active community and faithful to your brand for this first guideline to be successful.
  • It must be easy to remember: It happened to me that to search for a hashtag of a congress and see the tweets, I had to go to the official page of the congress because I did not remember its official hashtag. Try that your community does not have to take steps to make them remember your hashtag. Create one easy and simple.
  • That has to do with the theme: Use a keyword that is related to the promotion with which you want to link it. It would be very confusing for people if you create a hashtag called #LittleCat if you want to promote masonry products.
  • When shorter, the better: Try to use few words when creating a hashtag, since this way you will be facilitating the person to remember it better and can easily search it on the networks.
  • Make it easy to read: There is an unwritten rule that says that if you use multiple words in a hashtag, the first letter of each word must start with capital letters. For example #GoChampions
  • Consider including your brand name. The criteria in this regard are ambiguous, some recommend that the brand name is left over while others use it (especially large companies). What you should assess is whether depending on the message and conversations around the label it is worth it and always remember that self-promotion can detract from interest.
  • Consistency is key. It is not enough to create it, it is also necessary to promote it. To position the label in the minds of consumers, you must use it both on your social networks, as a web, blog or other type of related activity. Always remember that they do not have special characters or spaces and that they can include numbers. I recommend you go through the support pages of Social Networks and for this I leave you the links to some of the most popular:

The interesting thing about Instagram is that once you put the # in the search engine, as you write the word, it recommends you hashtags related to the one you are interested in, use this functionality to create your hashtags list. It also indicates the number of publications each hashtag has, which is very interesting for your strategy on this social network. Remember that hashtags are very important to attract new followers, do not forget to use Instagram in a professional way.

Another advantage of hashtags on Instagram is that we can follow them, just as we follow personal or company accounts. I advise you to follow those hashtags that are of your interest, in this way it will show you all the publications on that topic. Instagram lets you publish up to 30 hashtags in a publication, there has been a long talk about this topic, that if 10 than if 30, if few … If Instagram lets you use 30, you can use 30, it will depend on you and the publication that do the number of hashtags you want to add.