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There is a lot of conflicting information regarding how to use hashtag on Instagram, when and especially how many. However, it is very easy to understand how to use hashtag on Instagram correctly to get more visits to your site, followers and, above all, better results for your business.

To have a real example of the use of hashtags (tags) on Instagram, I was curious to investigate how Selena Gomez, the person with the most followers on Instagram (100 million!), Uses hashtags in her publications. I found something really amazing… Selena hardly uses hashtags! Although after observing the results of my analysis perhaps I should start to consider it.

When I compared their last 100 posts, I found that those that included a hashtag received more than double the likes. Therefore the impact of the use of hashtags in the post was quite obvious.

On average, a post without hashtags has 2.7 million likes, while one that does have them has around 6.1 million. Incredible! Don’t you think?

So if even Selena Gomez can benefit from the correct use of hashtags then surely you can also get a lot out of it. We must not forget that this is a very important tool for small businesses since people do not look for them regularly. Then it is necessary to learn how to use the Instagram hashtag. So, let´s go!

HashTags For searches

The first way that hashtags gain relevance is by giving people a way to find posts by doing a search. Hashtags on Instagram appear as hyperlinks that when you click them take you to all other publications that contain that same tag.

A very important point is not to use hashtags for a purpose other than that specified with the original word, acronym or terms. Doing so can cause people searching for that hashtag to be disappointed when they see your post and decide not to follow you. Also, businesses must be very aware in the use of hashtags related to tragedies or natural disasters, doing so can be quite counterproductive.

Returning to the topic of searches, if you have problems trying to figure out how to formulate your hashtag you just have to ask yourself what people are looking for. You can type a hashtag that you have in mind in the search bar to get an idea of ​​how common it is and how many posts there are with that word. The more posts you find then you will know that there are more people searching for that term, although it also means that there is more competition for space. This is an important tip on how to use the Instagram hashtag

How many hashtags?

Unlike Twitter and its 140 character limit (whether hashtags or not), Instagram has a fairly permissive limit of up to 2,200 characters. That does not mean that you should fill all the text space with hashtags, that limit is 30. Take advantage of this so that more people can find your publication in their searches.

This is very important in small niche markets. For example, the three brands I show you below use a lot of hashtags in their posts to reach a larger audience. This is an important tip on how to use the Instagram hashtag

Formulate your hashtags correctly

It is very important that you formulate your hashtags correctly in order to obtain good results with them. According to Instagram, you can use numbers in your hashtags but spaces and special characters are not allowed. Therefore, if you want to create a hashtag about your offer of the day you must write #offeroftheday and not #offer of the day or #offer-of-the-day.