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Do you use Social Networks to give visibility to your brand? We know it, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Social Networks in general are some of the best tools to attract followers and generate visibility around you or better, of your company. Have you thought that everything you do on a personal level can be applied to your company too?

What are the new trends in the world of social networks? Set goals, develop a marketing strategy, use them professionally and not just on a personal level. What are we talking about today? Instagram and hashtags. You will now ask yourself, marketing on Instagram? Yes FRIEND, it can be done. How to do it? With the #hashtags. What hashtags to use on Instagram to succeed? I’m going to explain it to you today.

What is an Instagram hashtag for?

Instagram with its photos has also brought hashtags, tags that are put in the publication to make it easier to find content related to that Tag.

What does the Hashtag mean? We can define it as the word, the set of words, acronyms, numbers or emoticons that are written without putting any type of space and that always start with the hashtag # symbol. They help the algorithm of Instagram to understand what scope it deals with and what niche a profile will occupy.

What is the Hashtag for? ¿Why is it so important? Putting these tags allows us to organize the content we publish on the net. What does that mean? That if you click on one of the hashtags in the photo, a window opens in which you can see and browse all the other publications tagged by the same Tag. In addition, it is possible to follow the Tags as if they were accounts.

Why use Hashtags on Instagram? Take care and plan the use of hashtags on Instagram. A good Tag allows your brand to reach many more people and, in addition, to a really interested audience. Why? Do you remember what we have said before that clicking on a tag opens all related publications? This is the answer.

How to improve your Instagram? Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags but use your head, Generic Tags don’t work for me. #Love #Happy #InstaMood Really? These hashtags are so generic that yes, they can reach a wider audience, but they do not contribute anything to you. They bring followers who follow these Tags just to gain more followers and likes on their profile. These accounts that only want to gain followers, comment and leave reciprocal likes are not your audience, they are not interested in what you do, sell and offer. They don’t care about your content and that doesn’t mean Instagram success.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

You already know what a Hashtag is and what it is for, now let’s see what can be done on Instagram and how to put a Hashtag on Instagram. This is just the beginning, cheer up! I put you in a situation: you are publishing a photo on Instagram, put your nice and striking copy, and there, just below your description, you have to work. Now finally how do you use the hashtag?

Select a maximum of 5/6 words, numbers, set of letters or emoticons, with semantic meaning and symbols that allow you to reach your target audience. Make your general hashtags in your post:

  • Hashtags that describe what you offer;
  • General hashtags of your buyer person: for example you can put the country and the city
  • Community hashtags: for example a word that defines your community. Ours is #Winners
  • Remember to use your own hashtags of your products, which describe what you do
  • Finally, if you want, incorporate trend hashtags.