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The rules on the use of Instagram hashtags have changed in this year and we want to tell you all the news. For this New Year, Instagram has changed its rules of the game a bit. But don’t worry, the use of hashtags is still the best strategy to grow your community of followers on Instagram.

Using hashtags correctly is still the most effective way to get followers on Instagram. Thanks to some improvements that Instagram has recently made in its algorithm, we will no longer have many of the SPAMER accounts that followed us when we published content with some more generic hashtags.

Below we are going to list some of the changes that Instagram has implemented and how we should use them to improve our community of followers:

  1. Hashtags have never been as important as now:

Now Instagram allows you to follow hashtags, which means that instead of a user having to search for an Instagram hashtags and scroll through an infinite feed to get to its content, your posts could automatically appear in the sources of the potential new follower.

The Instagram algorithm has always favored the use of specific and relevant hashtags, however this new feature makes using hashtags in your posts more meaningful than ever.

Once a user follows a specific hashtag the suggested posts start to appear in their feed. Similarly, you will also have the option to choose not to view content tagged with a specific hashtag. In this way, the user will be able to mark the content that is not revealing and stop seeing it.

  1. Change your hashtags in each post, don’t always repeat the same ones:

What many SPAMER had been doing was copying and pasting the same line of hashtags in each publication. This is no longer applicable in any case, since if Instagram detects it, it can classify you as SPAM. In the case of being classified as SPAM Instagram would drastically reduce the visibility of your publications.

Therefore, we recommend that you create a new line of hashtags in each post. In case you run out of new ideas, we propose some tools to make your search for hashtags easier. One of the tools that we recommend is HashtagFox in it you can put a specific word and it will return a list with hashtags that you can use. In it you only have to put the concept, the location and it will generate a list of hashtags.

Saving multiple lists of hashtags and using them in your different posts will save you time, but do you know the hashtags that work best for you? One of the world’s Instagram experts, Alex Toby, gives us some tips to use on the Instagram of our business.

First of all, it recommends us not to use hashtags that have been used a million times, and to try to be authentic in our hashtags. In this way, we will create a truly faithful and committed community of followers.

Second, choose labels that describe your account, business, target audience. For example, Shelter a Musician is an accommodation search app for musicians and bands. In his Instagram posts, he works with very personalized labels focused on the type of audience such as #music # musicians #band #groups #DirectMusic #tour #punk #pop #indie.

In addition, hashtags of the topics that the post talks about are used, for example, #hcxhc #wurlitzer. #Barcelona. They are a great way to connect with others, improve your search capabilities, gain followers, and grow your community.

A very valuable recommendation is that you look for influencers in your sector and leading brands and find out what hashtags they are using so that you can add them to your hashtag lists and see how they work for you.

  1. Company profiles can track the scope and success of the posts:

Through this report, you can obtain information about the scope, impressions, likes and comments of each post individually. In other words, you can see how effective your publications are. Having this information will help you continually optimize your hashtag strategy. To access this information, select the publication in which you wish to obtain a more detailed analysis and click on “See more information”. Swipe down to see the full page with the data for that post, including things like reach, impressions, and more importantly, how users found you.

  1. You can also add hashtags to Instagram stories

By adding hashtags to Instagram stories we can reach a new audience. In case you didn’t know, most geographic locations in Instagram hashtags have their own associated stories. This functionality of Instagram is a little underused but we hope that in this New Year its use will become popular.

In this way, when a user searches for a hashtag, they will be able to see the Instagram story, if it is popular enough. These stories with hashtags will appear in the top bar of the page, along with the follow button.

Hashtags are added to Instagram stories in two different ways. One is using the hashtag tag and the other is using the text tool, simply by typing the tags. What many people don’t know is that you can add up to 10 hashtags! However, we know that visually this may look a bit wrong. With which, you can reduce the size of your labels or hide them behind a sticker or emoji.

How many hashtags is the correct amount?

There is no clear rule stating the exact number of hashtags. The advice of our Instagram expert, Alex Toby, recommends us to use as many hashtags as Instagram allows us, that is, 30.

What we want you to understand is that there is no recipe for success. You might find 30 super relevant hashtags for your audience and use them or, use only a few if you don’t feel comfortable using so many.

What is clear is that the use of hashtags is the best option to grow your community organically. And connect with your target audience, creating a long-term relationship.

We hope that this little guide has served you and that you put into practice all the new functionalities that Instagram brings us.