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Getting quality followers is a concern of many online entrepreneurs. In this post I am going to tell you how you can use hashtags to get Instagram followers.

  • Increase visibility with hashtags to get followers
  • Participate in conversations, sometimes you have to stop selling
  • Beware of bots
  • Hashtags are not the answer to all your problems
  1. Increase visibility with hashtags to get followers

Hashtags were not born with Instagram, but I dare say that this social network is the one that has best exploited them. If you don’t know what I mean by the term “hashtag” it is a word or phrase (without spaces) preceded by the symbol #.

It is a way of labeling content, to know what it is about and to be able to measure trends (trending topic) on different topics discussed on social networks such as Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

What I like most about the use of hashtags on Instagram is that you can follow them just as you would with a user account, which means that you will be able to see publications that have that hashtag and therefore get in contact with against people who are interested in the thematic.

Therefore, when you make a post on Instagram, you should always accompany it with one or more hashtags linked to the shared content, so that people who are interested in this type of material and are following the hashtag will be able to see it on your timeline.

  1. Participate in conversations, sometimes you have to stop selling

I already discussed this at length in the post about the rules for participating in Facebook groups. It’s great to follow hashtags on Instagram and use them in your posts, but social media is about two-way interaction.

You may see hashtag posts like yours, it is always good to like or comment if it is worth it, but also do it honestly in this, the idea is that if someone has a question or your content is good, you can interact in a way honest.

Above all, it is necessary to understand that you cannot sell all the time, sometimes it is about congratulating, guiding or helping, even if that person never becomes your client, what you are doing is improving your online reputation and positioning yourself as a reference on a particular topic

  1. Beware of bots

While I love using hashtags to get Instagram followers and the way this social network treats them, I absolutely hate the excess of bots hanging around it. A bot is a little program that manages a person’s account allowing him to interact with other users when the account owner is not connected.

That is why, when you make an Instagram post using a hashtag, you almost automatically see accounts that like or even comment, this is because bots are programmed to detect any movement and generate interaction in order to get followers.

I respect anyone who uses this technique but I do not share it, I have always believed in the importance of quality followers and most of these bots are also very evident when making generic and poor quality comments, even if they manage to interact they can never emulate a person. Also, when you have an account that is followed by many bots, which could play against you with Instagram and even punish your account.

  1. The hashtags are not the answer to all your problems

Finally, I want to close by saying that this is not the answer to all your problems, not even close. In the world of the Internet, everything is generally a big one, since each strategy is directly linked to the type of business that runs it.

As you know, I give consulting services on digital entrepreneurship on all these topics, so if you want to move a little faster you can hire one.

Each project is different, in my case for example, I have better results on Facebook than on Instagram in terms of attracting traffic, but there are other projects that are the opposite. There is a client that sells software for veterinarians and in just a few months we double the followers on Instagram versus Facebook and their interactions, so you should review your case well to decide.

As always thank you for reading this article and I hope I have been able to help you a little bit in your digital entrepreneurship adventure.