You should never undervalue the importance of hashtags on Instagram. A study found that 90% of brand posts include at least one hashtag and posts with at least one hashtag achieve 14.6% more engagement than posts without any hashtag. People started using hashtags online since 1988, on the IRC platform – Internet Relay Chat. Even back in the prehistoric age, people used hashtags for the same reason they do today – to group posts and other content into categories. In order to increase your Instagram reach, we suggest using, the best hashtag tool on the market.

The first known use of hashtags on social media was in October 2017, when Nate Ridder of San Diego tagged his social posts with #sandiegoonfire – informing people about the wildfires his town was experiencing at the time.

Twitter was the first platform to officially adopt the hashtag in 2009, which meant that any hashtag beginning with # would automatically become a hyperlink.

It wasn’t long before the other networks added support for the use of hashtags on their platforms. This included Instagram. Unlike Twitter, where most people recommend using no more than two or three hashtags per Tweet, Instagram encourages hashtag use on a large scale. It is common for people to include up to 10 hashtags in a single post and for many to use the maximum allowed 30 hashtags.

The Purpose of Using Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

So why should you include Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram in your posts?

You use Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram to help group content. These can be both general hashtags that everyone uses – in that case you are grouping your posts and images with those of other users who have uploaded similar content. 

Most Instagram users love to increase the number of followers. But it doesn’t do much good to be followed by someone who has totally different interests than you. Using the appropriate hashtags for your content, you will make your posts available to people who are interested in the same topics. And if they like your posts, they will be more likely to follow you in hopes of seeing more content on the same topic.

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Even if people don’t follow you, they may still like your content, which they can find by searching for a particular hashtag.

Instagram has grown enormously in recent years. This means that there is no possible way for you to reach the right content to the right people by accident. When you use hashtags, you effectively help Instagram classify and organize your posts – helping them reach the people who will appreciate it.

Then, the 25 most popular hashtags on Instagram are as follows:

  • #seesit
  • #instagood
  • #photooftheday
  • #fashion
  • #beautiful
  • #happy
  • #cute
  • #tbt
  • # like4like
  • #followme
  • #picoftheday
  • #follow
  • #I
  • #selfie
  • #summer
  • #art
  • #instadaily
  • #friends
  • #repost
  • #nature
  • #girl
  • #fun
  • #style
  • #smile
  • #food