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The importance of hashtags on Instagram lies mainly in that they are a very valuable tool when it comes to promoting publications, be they images or videos, since a keyword and well used can provoke a general tendency in networks.

The hashtag is a link that allows people to search for a word or a series of words that are preceded by the number sign (#) and seeks to generate an interaction. 

The first network that used them was Twitter and their success was such that their competitors decided to include them within their platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It all came from Twitter and a Google worker. 

The hashtag was born in 2007 when a worker at this company came up with the use of the pad followed by a word as a solution to link the post of Instagram users. When using a hashtag, it is advisable to take into account important aspects such as: using a specific word, where possible the words are short and maintain a very neutral language; and look for trends, for this you can use the Hashtag tool that will indicate which are the most popular hashtags.

Hashtags are great allies in our campaigns, they help the audience find our content and filter the information of their interest. In addition, the use of these labels helps us obtain measurements of our actions and campaigns. In fact, one of the data, on the benefits of using hashtags, is the great increase in engagement that is achieved: 100% for natural users and 50% in the case of brands.

Some basic recommendations

  • Find the hashtags that already exist:

Before creating our own, we must find out if users are already using one on that topic. With this we will be able to include the message in an existing conversation and that all those who are commenting on that topic with the hashtag see our message.

  • Brief and clear:

Remember that hashtags count within the 140 characters that we have available to send our messages on Instagram, so it must be brief and clear, defining the topic we are talking about in one word.

  • Use hashtags of brands in events:

At numerous long-standing events, events and celebrations it is common practice to establish a hashtag. If we want to launch a message and decide to incorporate it, we will make our messages more visible.

  • Don’t overdo it either:

Just as it is recommended to use them, we should not use them excessively. We should always think of them when we want to include our opinions, news or comments on a certain topic, it is recommended to include 5 or 7 per post.