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Did you know you can hack your hashtags in order to gain much more views than ever before ? try today and boost your limelight on the instagram.

In 2016, Instagram made a lot of new changes, because Instagram had a new algorithm and caused a lot of confusion and disappointment. But, despite the reaction, there are no signs of a return, and there is a complete set of New Rules for the game. 

So how do you keep up with all these changes to the Instagram algorithm? Here, I am going to tell you everything that you have to know about how the Instagram algorithm works and how you can work with it to make sure your posts are viewed as often as possible.

How the Instagram algorithm works

There’s no question that Instagram posts no longer receive the amount of impressions they used to. Now, it is estimated that only 10% of your audience actually see your posts. This annoys ordinary users, as it means they don’t see recently posted photos of their friends and family, but rather see what Instagram thinks may be interesting to them.

Here is what we know about how the Instagram algorithm works:

Instagram algorithm supports posts with accurate and relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an effective form to get more followers and increase your reach. The Instagram algorithm has always supported posts with accurate and relevant hashtags and now they are more important than ever.

Instagram added the ability to subscribe to hashtags, which means that instead of users having to scroll through the feed to find your tagged content, their posts can automatically appear in the feeds of potential new followers.

To avoid falling victim to the Instagram algorithm, you must use appropriate hashtags. Hashtags can help you connect with existing communities on Instagram and find new followers to interact with your content (and, in turn, send signals of value to the Instagram algorithm).

Instagram offers the following guide to using hashtags:

  • Specified: For example, choose #vwvan over #van
  • Be relevant: Relevant hashtags help you connect with people who are genuinely interested in your content, rather than people who are fishing for random content.
  • Be observant: Keep an eye on the hashtags that your followers and competitors are using and look for one that you have not yet incorporated