The hashtag is a word preceded by a hash (#) that is used to tag the photo or video that we have uploaded to the Instagram social network in a category, just as we can do on other platforms that use some other features such as stickers. But in recent years, if you want to be famous on Instagram you must use them in the best possible way, using an advanced app like hashtagfox

These hashtags are one of the most important elements when using Instagram. Currently, the Instagram of Paula Echeverria or Sara Carbonado, nationwide, and the Instagram of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and even the Instagram of Kim Kardashian are the ones that best use hashtags for Instagram in order to promote their posts and show the whole world your photos, stories and even responses to such stories or photos.

Currently, there are 250 million people who have downloaded Instagram and who use this social network often. A figure that gives an idea of ​​the large number of photographs and videos that are published throughout the day on this popular social network.

And it is that, in addition to the company’s efforts to keep its social network clean, periodically identifying and eliminating false accounts and spam, a good labeling of the publications must also be carried out so that they are useful for those interested in a specific subject or person. .

Therefore, it is vitally important to properly label the publications that are posted on Instagram, using the most popular Instagram hashtags related to the subject of the photography or video that is published.

If you also want the publication to achieve greater visibility and reach, it is good to take into account some of the best and most popular hashtags that are used in this social network and that are valid for almost any topic.

Adequate hashtags for each theme

Keep in mind that not by copying and pasting all the previous hashtags in a publication, you will get better results from likes or followers. There are generic hashtags that can be used for almost any type of publication, but it is also important to use hashtags related to the subject of the photograph or the uploaded video.

Many people use these tags without knowing very well what they mean, just because they are popular, which ends up being very annoying for some popular tags that are affected by SPAM from posts.

  • Hashtags for special photos

Some hashtags are used to tag photos of a certain day and highlight it, such as #Photooftheday, #Picoftheday or #Instadaily to refer to our photo of the day.

If what we are looking for is to republish a publication that someone has made and found it funny or useful for your fans, do not hesitate to use the #repost. Many companies and institutions such as soccer teams often use it for their players’ posts.

  • Hashtags to gain followers or likes

There are popular hashtags such as #TBT, #Follow4Follow, #Follow, #Followme, #TagsForLikes or #Like4Like, #Instalike … that are usually used to follow an account or give a like in exchange for the reciprocal action of the other user.

  • Hashtags to mention communities

There are also hashtags used to mention the community of active users on Instagram such as #instagramers, #selfie, #art or #food, a form of photography well known to all and which has managed to sneak into the top 30.

  • Hashtags to express feelings

But here it is not the thing, since we also have to use the appropriate hashtags for each type of emotional situation with #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #fun, #smile…

  • Hashtags for seasons and events of the year

We also have hashtags for the different seasons of the year, so we will be able to add #summer, #winter, #autumn or #spring to our publications depending on the season we are in or if the object we take the photo of is reminds us of it. In addition to these, the typical ones are also used, #beach, #holiday, #nature…

  • Hashtags for photos of clothing sets

And it is that if Instagram is different from the rest of social networks, it is that there are users who upload their outfits, the clothes they are wearing and how their stories fit in order to inspire new people to use that style of clothing. These users use hashtags like #fashion or #style and even clothing part names like #dress, #heels, #model, #jewelry,

  • Healthy and sporty lifestyle hashtags

Many of us realize the power that social networks have today, both for young people and for the not so young. And we see this with a very clear example from recent years, the fitness phenomenon. If we visit the #fitness hashtag, we will be able to see a multitude of users uploading photos and videos in gyms and streets around the world.