use, the best generator for Instagram hashtags to grow your reach and impressions on instagram.

  1. Hashtags in your profile bio

Before writing anything, think carefully about what you are going to do. Your profile biography informs all users about your work philosophy (or that of your company) and how you like to define yourself. 

Consequently, you can use hashtags to highlight these ideas and, incidentally, achieve a better positioning on Instagram. However, be careful when choosing the words because, unlike what happens with stories, the profile biography does not have an ephemeral or circumstantial character. The information you include in it shouldn’t be changed frequently, so choose hashtags that you can keep indefinitely.

  1. Combine and vary the themes

Although the number of topics for hashtags is practically impossible to determine, there are different classifications depending on the purpose of these definitions. 

What’s more, you may get better results if you combine them with each other and don’t always resort to the same themes. In the end, a company may be oriented to a certain economic activity but it is always interested in generating as much traffic as possible on its networks.

  1. Follow the news of your sector

Let’s accept that you have managed to hit the key to make your hashtags successful and that you already know how to create and use them correctly. Does this mean that you have nothing to learn from the rest of the professionals in your sector who are on Instagram? Absolutely. 

Never stop following the hashtags that are created in your market, it is the best way to stay ahead (if you already are) or to improve your positioning faster. In addition, you will find out about any change in strategy by your competitors.

  1. Not everything is allowed

Originality cannot serve as a pretext to use expressions of dubious taste or that may be offensive to certain groups. Neither will you flaunt profanity or inelegant humor in your project. It is possible that these hashtags arouse some attention among the Instagram community but it will not be exactly positive, seriously affecting your brand image. 

Also, remember that this social network has a list of prohibited hashtags, almost automatically hiding any mention that violates the rules of use and being able to block accounts in the most serious cases. Take a look at this list and stick to it.

  1. Beyond English

English is a language that is on the rise both in terms of the number of speakers and its economic and cultural importance. If it is your mother tongue, you are in luck because your content will reach a greater number of users. In any case, don’t fall into the trap of limiting yourself to the market. One of the great advantages that the Internet offers for business is the possibility of making contact with consumers and professionals from any corner of the planet. To take better advantage of this immense communication channel, it includes publications in English with some regularity or other languages.

  1. Strengthen your personal brand through contests

Finally, never forget that all the activity you carry out through corporate profiles contributes to strengthening or weakening your brand. Organizing a contest through Instagram can be a good opportunity to improve profile positioning and hashtags also help in that regard. 

The most important element for the success of these initiatives is that the hashtags used are related to the contest and the profile content. Therefore, ensure that your contests always have a sense of advertising your brand and that hashtags help you recognize it more quickly. You can even choose to always use the same formulas to announce a contest.

Quite possibly, I have left in the pipeline some more incentive to correctly use the hashtags in the framework of your business project. Respect the above rules and take time to refine your strategy on Instagram and the results will not take long to endorse this bet.