What is a hashtag in instagram?

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Hashtag is a keyword or expression used by users of social networks. It consists of a number sign and a word or words. Hashtags are preceded by the number sign (also called a hash). Hashtags are used to categorize the content published on social networks like Instagram. This allows more interaction between content, hashtag and other Instagram users interested in the topic. In accordance with the above, Hashtags can be said to be communication tools. They are used to categorize or identify content on social networks. Let’s see an example.

An Instagram user shares a video on how to use Slideshare and places the hashtag #Slideshare on him. All content that includes the hashtag can be found in a filtered way when searching. Only content referring to “Slideshare” should be found. So each hashtag that is used is, so to speak, transformed into a link. Clicking on the hashtag will show you all the content related with it.

You can also use multiple concatenated words in each hashtag. For example #ContentMarketing. So in the text of a post you could find something like this: “Learn how to use #ContentMarketing to convert more leads” As you can see, the Hashtag can also be used within the content of the posts.

Using instagram hashtags doesn’t just make it easier to locate a word, topic, or content. In addition, it helps to share information or exchange views on an event or article. On the other hand, when a large number of people share content with the same hashtag, on Instagram, they make it a Trending Topic or trend. The Trending Topic refers to a topic that has been commented on many times or is in vogue in a region or throughout the world. Hashtags give visibility to posts on social networks. This is why many brands must use labels to promote a campaign or special event.

The Hashtag is a keyword or expression used by users of social networks, it is a compound word of the English language. The tag or hashtag can consist of a keyword or a series of words. These labels are characterized by being preceded by the number symbol (#), also called a pad. Did you know was the first social network to use hashtags? It was Twitter. Well, given the success it had with users, it is currently used on almost all social networks like Instagram.

However, despite this massification of the hashtag, many users are not clear about its true purpose. They also don’t know the correct way to use them. There are those who use the most popular Hashtags, without even knowing what they are about. This causes the information to leak inconsistently. On the other hand, many brands use hashtags to make their content popular, but they do not do it correctly.

They abuse the use of hashtags to gain reach in their content or posts. How? They index dozens and more dozens of tags, unaware that this can backfire.