Instagram increasingly makes changes to its algorithm, and highlighting your content is becoming more complicated. However, there are well-liked ways for the Instagram algorithm that allow your content to reach more users. This is the case of the mentioned search engine, magnifying glass or “explore” of Instagram. Here are some tips to appear in the search engine through the use of hashtag

What is the explore section on Instagram?

The explore or Instagram search engine is located at the bottom of Instagram. This is a section where you can discover other accounts that share your same tastes. Let’s say that Instagram is learning what your tastes are, through the interactions you do within the platform.

Typically, Instagram posts quality content here, which the algorithm identifies as relevant to other users. If he notices that your content is relevant, you may be positioned in the featured area. Later, I will give you the steps for the algorithm to suggest you in exploring Instagram.

Benefits of appear on Instagram explore

In addition to content that goes viral, it appears in Instagram explore has its multiple advantages, here I list some:

  • Increase your engagement: You will have more interactions (likes, comments, saved … and above all more reach.
  • Maximize your sales, imagine that you have a product, from this appear in explore, either in the store (Shopping) or as a publication, would add more sales.
  • This point is more than obvious, gain many more followers organically.
  • Reach quality users, your content will only appear to people who are related to what you transmit, and we will talk about that next.

How does Instagram choose which content should appear in explore?

Instagram browsing is a spider web in which you can stay hours and hours without getting bored. It is not a coincidence that content that relates to your tastes appears here. Instagram highlights content that is well accepted by users and is focused on a niche. 

That is, Instagram is collecting data about you, the hashtags you follow, the type of content you like the most (through interactions), what type of accounts you follow, in which publications they last the longest. After having all that information collected, the board shows you the content that is closest to that ideal.

How to make my posts appear in the Instagram search engine

Regardless of what you hear out there, to go out and explore on Instagram, there is no magic formula that will ensure you completely appear. Instagram varies greatly with its algorithm. What does exist are measures that when put together makes this happen. One way to do it is with the hashtag, I explain how:

  • Use the appropriate hashtags

Use good hashtags in your posts, these will help you achieve a high level of interactions, but only use the hashtags that go with your theme. Also, use a number of prudent hashtags, 7 to 10 hashtags are enough to define your post.

Forget about using 30 hashtags because you can greatly diversify which niche your publication is focused on. Hashtags are the key for the Instagram algorithm to allow you to appear in the 

  • Use location hashtag

Another point that many overlook is the use of geographic location, that is, when we are going to upload our post we have the option of placing a location tag.

For example: If I am in Spain and when I upload my post I put the location of Spain, to all the people who are in Spain, it is more likely that my publication will appear. Since we have something else in common. This allows the algorithm to further distinguish you from the rest of the publications, when it comes to showing your post in highlights explore section of Instagram, especially if your account is small.

  • Create content based on a niche

The first thing you should do is that your account is directed to a niche (a theme), not to publish varied content. You have to be clear about what sector you are going to, to go out and explore.

Each user has their different tastes, as Instagram is a huge platform, you can find influencer and accounts that share your same interests. The first step that Instagram takes is to be clear to what audience it is aimed at, otherwise you will not appear. The same with hashtags, use hashtags of a certain theme