What are the hashtags for?

A hashtag or tag, is a word or set of keywords, which are linked, without separation between them, preceded by the hash (#) these tags help to classify content within social networks. Once you write your tag in the publication of a social network such as Instagram or Twitter and publish it, that hashtag will become a hyperlink that will allow access to all the publications related to the hashtag that you have published.

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In this way, social networks facilitate interaction in the content with which people want to interact. Let’s take an example. If I create a hashtag or tag with the keyword #Ourense, when I click on it, I will see all those publications on the social network that are related to the Ourense hashtag and so I can focus on the publications, debates or discussions that are related to said word.

The main function of the labels is to be able to classify and disseminate the content that you publish under that label, being able to gain a greater reach, thereby causing you to find people interested in the promoted theme and thus be able to increase interaction in the publication itself.

In summary, the hashtag can be used to:

  • Increase the reach of the publication: Without the use of the hashtag, your publication will only reach a percentage of the users who are connected to your account, if you include this function you can reach more people who are interested in the topic you are talking about.
  • Promote a product, service or brand that you insert in the publication: If you are interested in reaching a new product or service beyond your users without spending on advertising for social networks, the hashtag can be a great ally in your dissemination strategy.
  • Provoking interaction with your publication: When a person searches for a specific #, it is because they are interested in the topic to be discussed, so the probability of interaction increases.
  • Make your brand more visible: If you publish a series of specific hashtags in your professional area, people who search for that hashtag theme daily may end up recognizing you as an expert.
  • Humanize your brand: The media use hashtags a lot when there is a highly relevant social event. That your brand shows support or affection for this cause helps your brand to become closer.


What is a hashtag in instagram?

What is a hashtag in instagram?

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