Interacting, sharing fun photos and videos, seeing what others are doing, finding inspiration and searching for products or services are some of the things users do on the Instagram social network. You may know it and use it, but… have you thought that it can become a key tool in your company?

For anyone who has not heard of this application or does not know how to use it, Instagram is a social network that has a mobile application for easier access and that allows all its users (companies and individuals) to upload and share images and videos. With other users of the platform or even on other social networks. All the content mentioned above can be shared permanently or through “Stories” that last 24 hours. It is also possible to interact through comments and private chats between users.

What benefits can Instagram provide for companies in your digital marketing strategy?

According to the Annual Study of Social Networks 2018 carried out by IAB Spain, Instagram stands out for being one of the top Networks that has increased the frequency of visits the most. In addition, the study also indicates that 8 out of 10 users follow brands through Networks, and 39% of these, declare doing so with intensity.

With these data you can see much more clearly a very useful way to inform and interact with your customers. Visual content works much better on people than text. Increasing visibility on Instagram can bring with it numerous benefits that you may not have considered until now:

  • Increased traffic to your company’s website: the growth of users on Instagram will increase the number of visits to your profile. This is very beneficial and you should always try to redirect the user to your website, blog or even your online store. Since Instagram does not allow clicking directly on the links, it will be necessary to add the URL of your web page in the biography of your Instagram profile, in the location or in a histories.
  • Increased interaction with users, through multimedia content. Understanding the client and being in contact with him, publishing things of interest to him, can make the user feel much more comfortable and perceive the humanization of the brand.
  • Know your customers much better and know how to reach them correctly: Instagram for companies can get direct contact with the customer. Through likes, comments, interactions in stories, publication of photos, live videos … it is much easier to know what the customer really wants and what he likes.
  • Make your company have its own identity. It is necessary that all publications identify 100% with the brand or company, creating creative, dynamic and attractive content, so that interaction and memory are always present among our users. Caring for the logo, color and attitude of your company is essential

We already know the benefits of using Instagram in digital marketing, but how hashtags are used for such marketing. Hashtags are a tool that allow you to increase your reach on social networks, especially Instagram.

The hashtag is a very important tool in social networks that allows, among other things, to increase the visibility of publications. This increase in visibility is achieved because when you send a publication with a hashtag, in addition to reaching all your followers, it can also be seen by people interested in the topic of the hashtag used.

It is important to note that anyone can create a hashtag simply by adding it to a post. The hashtag has other uses, but this article will focus on its use to increase visibility and followers.

How to use hashtags in a digital Marketing strategy?

Don’t use too many hashtags because it will look like spam. Nor do you create very long phrases that will be difficult for your audience to interpret. It is better to select between 5 or 10 hashtags that identify and describe the category of products or services that you offer.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, but if you know how to choose the best 10 you will achieve the desired result without overwhelming users. Remember less is more and here it can be applied.

Finally, don’t forget that your communication must be as fluid, human and natural as possible. Take care of your writing following the advice we offer you to build the best texts. The best way to sell on Social Networks is to do it subtly, so that your obvious intention is to help other people and offer solutions, rather than marketing a product or service