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Through a simple hashtag, such as # Love, communities share content daily. Posts that sometimes translate to Instagram trends. Hundreds of posts are shared through these hashtags on Instagram. But how many? Knowing it is very simple thanks to the Instagram reports of some application. 

We have to take into account that Instagram has become the preferred social network for users. As a consequence, we must know what is said about our brand or campaign in order to know these users and the impact of the different actions.

Until recently it was practically impossible to access Instagram data. That made the task of creating Instagram reports very difficult. However, some applications offer this service. We have faced the privacy changes that Instagram has experienced in recent weeks to continue offering this service. A lot of applications were adapted to the new requirements, but it has added new metrics. This is how we offer, if possible, more complete Instagram reports.

Instagram reports: The best way to know if your hashtag is trending

A lot of applications offer reports that provide a wide variety of information. Thanks to them, you can not only know the number of publications that contain your hashtag. Also, you will know aspects as important as the most mentioned users, the most tagged, those who have published the largest number of photographs… 

At a first glance, the report shows the general statistics of the hashtag. Remember that you can check in the question mark what each of the metrics included in this module means: total post (videos and photos), users, total number of Instagram likes and comments, potential impacts, reach, level of influence and engagement.

In this case, the # love hashtag has a total of 644 posts. 99% of them are photos, while 1% are videos. A total of 69 people have published content accompanied by the hashtag # love. The published images have accumulated more than 99,000 likes and more than 6,300 comments. In addition, we can find out the potential impacts and scope of the hashtag on Instagram as well as the level of influence and engagement. It’s amazing to be able to know all this in one click, right?

These are just some of the data that Instagram reports offer. They allow you to receive a lot of information and know if the campaigns have become an Instagram trend.