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In recent months, Instagram has not missed any opportunity to present new features and innovations in order to offer a more complete social network to its increasingly growing number of users. Now Instagram plans to launch the invisible hashtags as well as a new geo location system by country, functions that will be very useful for your campaigns on the platform.

You will soon be able to add invisible hashtags to your posts. As is well known, hashtags allow users to discover all kinds of content related to a common topic. With these labels you can find people, communities, and new products or simply achieve more reach with a photograph. But although they are very useful, it is also true that they are very annoying and in many cases unsightly.

While some users choose to add the hashtags to the image text, others prefer to do it directly in the comments so as not to detract from their content, but many of them simply prefer to forget them, so why not create the invisible hashtags? 

How invisible hashtags will work

Jane Manchun Wong, the renowned hacker who has revealed the characteristics of various apps before they were officially launched, has discovered the new invisible hashtags on Instagram, and has shared with us some ways how they will be used:

According to Wong’s, the option to add invisible hashtags will be done directly in the message composition process, under the new field named “add hashtags”.

Once you click on this option, you can integrate the hashtags you want, but without them being directly visible in your publication. The limit of hashtags that you can add is not specified, but it will surely be 30, which is the current limit established in the policies of the social network.

With invisible hashtags you will get better of two worlds: you will ensure that users can find your posts that are relevant or related to their tastes and preferences while keeping your images free of the feeling of spam that can create a large number of hashtags.

Limit content according to geographic area

Another of the Instagram news discovered by Wong has been the possibility of restricting some of your publications so that they only show in one or more previously established geographic areas.

This way you will be able to properly segment your audience and offer them information that is really relevant for each group, since these publications will not be shown to people outside each group.